Gigabox Bus Station for CNG


Fully integrated compression system for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations. – Intrinsically safe and easy to use. Its compact design, exclusive to Galileo, minimizes additional construction work as well as installation time. Modularity, lightweight, economical transportation and ease of installation make it the most flexible solution for future expansions, relocations and financing of this equipment.

Gigabox Bus Station CNG

GIGABOX advantages:

∙ 1000 or 3000 liter internal ASME storage.
∙ Explosion proof lighting for main drive cabin. ∙ Noise reduction system (80 dB).
∙ Human Machine Interfaces.
∙ Equipped with a reciprocating MX-400 compressor, directly coupled to an electric motor.
∙ Inter-stage liquid separation, automatic lubrication system and semi-automatic purging system.

∙ Gas circuit composed by: blow-down, safety valves for all stages, pressure transducers for all stages and PT-1000 temperature sensors for all stages with remote reading at control panel
∙ Outlet flow managed by a 1 way control panel, double coalescing filter for oil levels as low as 30 PPM.
∙ Additional safety systems: gas detection system in front cabin LEL 20%.
∙ Cold Location support systems: Oil heating system for low temperature zones.

Cryobox Micro LNG Production Station from Galileo Technologies


Titan NGV Fueling installed a
Gigabox CNG compressor
at its new station