Galileo Nanobox station


NANOBOX is Galileo’s Plug-and-Play CNG compressor-package, specifically designed for private NGV fleets and small CNG filling-stations. This equipment provides a convenient and attractive solution for the needs of this market. The package integrates compression, storage and a complete CNG dispenser in a single unit.

Nanobox covers a wide range of inlet pressures.

There are also options with remote dispenser (not incorporated in the Nanobox).

CNG filling station Canada
Natural gas station
Natural gas station Lyse
Galileo Technologies Nanobox for NGV and CNG filling stations

NANOBOX advantages:

∙ 1000 or 3000 liter internal ASME storage.
High return on Investment.
∙ Fast, easy and low cost installation.
∙ Minimum space requirement.
∙ Quick load ,simple low cost, preventive maintenance.
∙ Touch-screen control panel and modem data transmission
∙ Safe and reliable operation
∙ Simple to operate and control.
∙ Refill of 30 to 250 vehicles per day
∙ Register and internet-transmission of commercial,
technical and audit data.

SOCAR gas Nanobox


CNG compressors and dispensers
manufactured by Galileo
expand SOCAR’s network