Energie Tergasa, Chicoutimi Québec

DGSC has partnered with Groupe Alfred Boivin and RL Energies to form Energie Tergasa, owner/operator of an CNG / R-CNG Station in Chicoutimi Québec to serve truck fleets and Off Pipeline end users in the region.

Tergasa is a wholesaler of CNG / R-CNG, becoming the first entity to publicly reference ‘Rack CNG Pricing’ in eastern Canada.  Tergasa currently supplies CNG/R-CNG to RL Energies, owner/operator of an adjacent multi-fuel cardlock Station that serves truck fleets.


Tergasa looks forward to supporting mines, industrials and other end users with virtual pipeline solutions in reducing fuel price volatility, fuel costs and emissions in the clean energy future, rapidly becoming the present.

To learn more, please visit the Energie Tergasa website, see CBC Radio Canada’s article and Energir’s article.



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