Stranded gas to LNG in ArgentinaStranded Gas to LNG in Argentina

Galileo Technologies will supply 14 Cryobox-Trailer® LNG Production Stations to fuel the new power generation plant that Methax, a special purpose company also owned by Grupo Galileo, is building in Anchoris, Mendoza Province, Argentina.

These portable and small-scale liquefaction units will be deployed to several orphan wells distributed throughout Malargüe’s region.

By liquefying stranded gas, Galileo Technologies will supply up to 130,000 gallons of LNG per day, which will make this new power plant immune to Argentina’s natural gas shortage during winter time and the rising costs of switching from natural gas to diesel or fuel oil.

The LNG produced on-site by the Cryobox units will be transported by road through cryogenic ISO containers from the well-heads to Anchoris, where it will be regasified. This operation will create an LNG virtual pipeline between every well and Anchoris. « Our LNG Distributed Production model provides great flexibility to build power stations in strategic locations in spite of the unavailability of natural gas pipelines, » says Mr. Osvaldo Del Campo, President and CEO at Grupo Galileo. The Methax natural gas-fired power plant is being installed at a key location of the grid in Mendoza and will supply 40 megawatts (MW) of power, which will alleviate the stress on transport and distribution power lines.


Coming soon:  Methax LNG power plant in Anchoris, Mendoza Province, Argentina.


It is the most important Gas-To-Power project currently developed in Argentina and the first of its kind worldwide. Once commissioned, this new gas-fired power plant will generate electricity for 15,000 households. In addition, as a result of the LNG consumption, it will reduce CO2 emissions by 30%, compared to those driven by diesel.


The most important Gas-To-Power project currently developed in Argentina.


As the Cryobox units are fully re-deployable, Galileo Technologies foresees to expand their liquefaction capacity throughout the neighboring Vaca Muerta’s region, where the LNG Distributed Production model could eliminate the necessity of gathering infrastructure and enable oil producers to monetize well testing and flare gas reduction right from the beginning.


Galileo’s LNG virtual pipeline trailers



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