CNG station galileo eastern Europe

The second CNG Station in the coldest city in the world is also equipped by Galileo

LLC Sakhametan has, once again, relied on Galileo’s technologies and has equipped its new station with a Microbox packaged CNG compressor MCB 132-3-1500-6 and two EMB-15-1-D dispensers of two hoses. This is the second CNG Station in Yakutsk, the capital city of the Republic of Sajá (Yakutia), Member State of the Russian Federation, and the coldest city in the world.

Yakutsk is placed on the permafrost, Northerneast of Siberia, and the lowest temperatures, apart from Antartica, have been registered in its surroundings. During the long winters, temperatures can reach levels below -40ºC.

Galileo has equipped the first CNG station of LLC Sakhametan in this city. “Until then, Galileo equipment have never undergone such low temperatures. We knew we were facing the harshest test ever. This time, it was about the MSP-185 CNG packaged compressor, and two EMB-15-1-D dispensers of two hoses. Their performance was a new challenge in Yakutsk, but succeeded all expectations”, says Juan Fornaso, Regional Sales Manager at Galileo.

Both stations will supply 450 vehicles propelled by CNG, which currently circulate in Yakutsk. Mainly, they will supply 85% of buses, trucks and a growing number of vehicles.



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