In 2016, Canada was the world’s 5th largest producer of natural gas with some 1,230 trillion cubic feet (tfc) of remaining reserves. Natural gas meets about 35% of the country’s energy needs. Given current consumption levels, Canada has enough natural gas reserves to meet domestic needs for 300 years. Due to improvements in fracking technology, natural gas production has increased on both sides of the border. In short, North America has enormous natural has supplies.

Despite the abundance of natural gas and some 830,000 KM of pipelines in Canada, most areas of the country are unserved. Unless the gas is liquefied or compressed, it must be consumed « off the pipe ».

In order to liquefy natural gas, adequate pipeline capacity (volume per unit time) and pressure needs to be present.

For most projects, DGSC will source natural has from pipelines at distributed locations throughout Canada for liquefaction or compression, storage and delivery to end users.