Utilizing proprietary, proven Galileo Technologies liquefaction / compression equipment and the Virtual Pipeline™, DGSC offers turnkey supply of LNG / CNG to customers with no access to natural gas.

Galileo Technologies Cryobox LNG

LNG supply Solutions

DGSC’s turnkey supply of safe, reliable and affordable LNG includes:

– Procurement of gas from suitable biogas sources, flared gas wells or the natural gas pipeline;

– Engineering – Project Management;

– Cryobox Micro LNG Production Station;

– Operation and Maintenance;

– Delivery of LNG via the Virtual Pipeline™;

– Financing;

Cryobox Galileo Technologies for liquefied natural gas


The LNG produced by the Cryobox® Station can supply the fuel for your company, whether it’s a heavy transport venture, a mining enterprise, an industry located in a remote region or a community far removed from a gas pipeline.

Galileo Buquebus LNG marine vessel

LNG Bunkering

LNG bunkering refers to the supply of LNG at a port for consumption by marine vessels. In the case of DGSC, bunkering will have the dual purpose of supplying LNG for marine vessel consumption, as well as for marine transport of LNG via ISO containers to markets in eastern and northern Canada.



CNG supply solutions

CNG Supply Solutions

Whether in an urban or rural environment, DGSC offers turnkey supply of CNG from Biogas sources, natural gas pipeline, or gas wellheads by leveraging Galileo’s full portfolio of proven compression technologies and the Virtual Pipeline™.


NANOBOX is Galileo’s Plug-and-Play CNG compressor-package, specifically designed for private NGV fleets and small CNG filling-stations.

Microbox Galileo


Microbox contains all components required to regulate, measure, compress and deliver CNG to the dispensers in the safest and most effective manner.

Gigabox Galileo


Fully integrated compression system for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations. Intrinsically safe and easy to use. Its compact design, minimizes additional construction work.


LNG CNG fueling supply for trains
Liquefied Natural Gas dual fuel engines for cargo vessels
Truck engines that run on natural gas

Virtual Pipeline™ is the supply of LNG or CNG to markets via road, rail or marine transportation. LNG is delivered via ISO containers and CNG is delivered via MAT containers. DGSC is committed to reliable supply chain systems that meet local, provincial and federal safety standards.

RNG Supply Solutions

RNG Forest

Governments and industry are increasingly considering Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), aka Sustainable Natural Gas (SNG) or biomethane, as a viable clean fuel for High Horsepower applications.

DGSC provides turnkey solutions in the treatment of biogas, compression, or liquefaction, storage and delivery of RNG to fuel vehicle fleets, for heating and other applications across Canada.