Distributed Gas Solutions Canada (DGSC) offers turnkey CNG, LNG and RNG supply solutions for road and marine transportation, Off Pipeline industrial, mining, power generation and agricultural markets in Canada.

We ensure a safe, reliable and cost effective supply of clean fuels, resulting in reduced costs and emissions for our customers compared to higher carbon fossil fuels.

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Hydromega is a leading Canadian independent power producer established in Montreal in 1987. The company has extensive experience in Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) as well as Operations & Maintenance (O&M) and financing of hydroelectric and wind power projects.

By developing partnerships with Municipalities and First Nations, Hydromega has developed, built, owned and operated renewable energy projects representing investments of over $2.5B in Canada.

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With its headquarters in Quebec City, Desgagnés has been specializing since the 19th century in marine transportation of liquid bulk, general cargo, dry bulk and passengers. Its activities also extend to ship repair as well as the rental and operation of heavy machinery. In addition to operating several short-term chartered ships, Desgagnés owns and operates a fleet of more than 19 vessels with a total deadweight of nearly 340,000 metric tons and over 425,000 m³ of carrying capacity, that sail the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Seaway System, the Canadian Arctic, the East coasts of Canada and of the United States, as well as all the seas of the world. This state-of-the-art fleet includes the brand new dual-fuel LNG powered M/T Damia Desgagnés, to which three more dual-fuel LNG vessels presently under construction will soon be added.


Gas Fueling Company Canada is a group of investors committed to deploying fossil fuel sourced natural gas and RNG infrastructure to accelerate the transition from petroleum-based fuels to a clean energy future. Founded in 1987, Galileo Technologies is a global reference in modular technologies for LNG/CNG production and transportation. Based in Argentina, Galileo operates a Global Service and Training Hub in Los Angeles and assembly facility in NJ. Galileo exports and provides ongoing assistance to customers in 70+ countries in Latin America, North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Energie Tergasa, Chicoutimi Québec

Energie Tergasa, Chicoutimi Québec DGSC has partnered with Groupe Alfred Boivin and RL Energies to form Energie Tergasa, owner/operator of an CNG / R-CNG Station in Chicoutimi Québec to serve truck fleets and Off Pipeline end users in the region. Tergasa is a wholesaler of CNG / R-CNG, becoming the first entity to publicly reference…

Galileo supplies Compressed Biogas from urban sewage sludge in Norway

Through the commissioning of two Nanobox® compressors at the service of Hias IKS, an intermunicipal water, sewage and sanitation company, Galileo Technologies is involved in one of the most ambitious Waste-To-Energy projects in Norway. Both Nanobox units were installed at the Hias IKS waste recycling facility located in Hamar to produce Compressed Biogas (CBG) by…

Galileo Technologies CNG compressors and dispensers propel the fleet of the bread manufacturer Grain Holding

Galileo Technologies CNG compressors and dispensers propel the fleet of the bread manufacturer Grain Holding Grain Holding installed a Microbox™ CNG compressor and an EMB™ dispenser to fill the tanks of their 90-van distribution fleet at their new plant located in Ryasan, Central Russia, 121.8 miles (196 kilometers) Southeast of Moscow. Grain Holding focuses on…