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Canada is one of the world’s most important mining nations, ranking in the Top 5 globally in the production of diamonds, gold, nickel and aluminum. According to the Mining Association of Canada, the mining industry employed over ½ million people directly and indirectly, contributing $56B to GDP in 2015.

For mines operating in remote areas not served by electric or natural gas utilities, in many cases diesel powered generators provide peak and baseload generation for electricity and heat. High tonnage wheel loaders and haul trucks are also typically powered by diesel fuel. Major genset, truck manufacturers and OEMs now offer reliable, affordable natural gas fuelled engines. When engines are converted from diesel to natural gas, CO2 emissions can be reduced by upto 35%, and SOX/NOX/Particulate Matter by upto 97%. In addition, DGSC offers long term LNG supply at a significant discount versus diesel.

DGSC works with mining companies to provide customized supply solutions to ensure safe and reliable LNG supply. Reducing environmental footprint and operating costs is a win-win scenario!

Stranded gas to LNG in Argentina


Stranded Gas to LNG in Argentina