Utilizing proprietary, proven Galileo Technologies liquefaction / compression equipment and the Virtual Pipeline™, DGSC offers turnkey supply of LNG and CNG to customers with no access to natural gas.

Galileo Technologies Microbox for CNG production


– Field proven Micro LNG Production technology

– Modular, mobile and scalable according to demand

– Installation closer to the customer, reducing logistics costs.

– Lower CAPEX and faster deployment than large, fixed LNG plants.

– Remote monitoring via SCADA platform

– Meets industry safety standards.

– Virtual Pipeline™ delivers LNG reliably to customers via truck, rail or marine transportation.

Galileo services


– Global CNG technology leadership with 30 years of experience.

– Extensive installations throughout South America, Europe, Asia and the USA.

– Wide product portfolio of CNG dispensing for light vehicles, bus and truck fleets.

– CNG dispensing near natural gas source or in remote areas via Virtual Pipeline™.

– Meets industry safety standards



Remote Power Generation

Whether power is being generated using heavy fuel oil (HFO) or diesel fuel in remote areas, DGSC can assist in reducing emissions and fuel costs by supplying LNG via the Virtual Pipeline™.

Mining DGSC

For mines operating in remote areas not served by electric or natural gas utilities, in many cases diesel powered generators provide peak and baseload generation for electricity and heat. DGSC works with mining companies to provide customized supply solutions.

DGSC marine icon

Since Liquefied Natural Gas dual fuel engines are proven and being increasingly deployed worldwide in ferries, cargo vessels and tankers, marine vessel owners/operators can now choose LNG as a viable marine fuel.

Truck engines that run on LNG or CNG are readily available, and offer similar reliability and performance as diesel engines. Most importantly, trucks running on LNG or CNG offer significant reduction in emissions and costs versus diesel.

DGSC Rail LNG applications

DGSC is able to customize an LNG production and supply chain solution to meet the needs of rail freight owners and operators to ensure safe, reliable and long term LNG supply.

Flared Gas Station DGSC

DGSC offers modular, mobile technology that allows for the flared gas to be captured and processed into LNG. Result is multiple micro scale LNG production sites at stranded wells, a unique model in the world.

Biogas DGSC logo

DGSC offers end-to- end solutions in processing biogas to produce Liquefied Biomethane (LBM) or Compressed Biomethane (CBM). These fuels, also called Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), can be used to power heavy vehicles, to re-inject into a gas Pipeline™ or for power generation.

Industrial Agricultural applications LNG CNG

Process heating is critical for nearly all manufacturing processes, providing heat for such industrial applications as packaging (molding and extrusion), softwood lumber (dryers & kilns) and food production (ovens).

LNG as fuel for Rail and locomotive


800 East Florida Locomotive

LNG-fueled Florida’s East Coast Railway locomotive 800, an ES44C4 from GE Transportation with LNG, crossing the San Sebastian River at St. Augustine, northbound, on June 8. Michael Maiullari photo via Trains.

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