DGSC aims to engage stakeholders, partners and customers with the highest ethical standards and compliance to current provincial and federal regulations. Our turnkey solutions create long term value for our customers, and are delivered according to applicable industry safety and environmental standards.


The company is driven by two primary objectives:

  • Reduce our customers’ OPEX and risk in providing safer, cost effective and abundant natural gas compared to crude oil based sources.
  • Reduce our customers’ Carbon emissions and air pollutants in order to meet sustainable development objectives.


Virtual Pipeline, or the use of road, marine or rail transportation to supply LNG to end users, is a key component of DGSC’s business model. In 2018, relatively few trucks, ships and trains operate on natural gas. However, in the future it is DGSC’s intention to utilize natural gas fueled transport modes which, when displacing Heavy Fuel Oil or diesel, represent significant carbon, SOX, NOX, and Particulate Matter (PM) emissions reductions. The result will be a reduced carbon footprint in the overall turnkey LNG supply service from gas source to end user location.


DGSC recognizes the important contributions that indigenous peoples have made before and during Canada’s development. Company partner Hydromega has developed renewable energy projects in Quebec and Ontario successfully in cooperation with First Nations. DGSC seeks opportunities to work with indigenous groups in the areas of supply chain, logisitcs, O&M and others in order to promote job creation and sustainable economic development in Canada.